In an attempt to combine multifunctionlity with flexibility and comfort in a Yoga Studio of 200 square meters, the design has adopted different technical strategies to integrate the unique material and furniture intro this space. Primarily, the space function is to highlight a friendly yoga training space, which retains its relatively independent home-feeling rooms with comfortable furniture.

The designer has come up with a new interior concept which focuses on the key space function and its essence. All its interior space systematically forms a spatial system for yogis to bring real emotional connection and interaction between the yoga practice and yoga spirits.

The new materials and color are inspired by a peaceful green woods, however, using a special space material — exclusive aluminous gusset plate, which usually applied to indoor public space or outdoor building walls. This “woo-style” aluminous gusset plate is used in most of the space, including the ceiling, wall as well as floor, which collocates the lamp-lighting and natural lighting.

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