This white and edgy building is on this famous boulevard, simply, light and full of clean lines. It’s the most breath-taking spot in this city, right at the crossing point of the skyline and endless greenery.
The designer used symbolic nature vocabulary and came up with the
consistent back to back faces. In fact, there are few gigantic trees next to
the construction site and the client worried if they will block people from
seeing the building. The designer reversed the thinking and lowered the
entire building instead, totally turned the flaw into a spotlight. Precautions
were being made, square white tubes goes with 2 different kinds of glass,
and when people walk towards the building, the inclined folding-shape
face will get their attention right away. This unique design is 1, to prevent
the building from exposing too much sun, and 2, to make it an attraction
in here, it’s like a silent moving landmark. People in the city always crave
for get-away, and this design is hoping people can feel that way when
they come and appreciate it.

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