In 2007 Haneda Airport won the right to resume international flights from its less convenient rival Narita, 60km out of town. Its international terminal (TIAT) needed to raise airport awareness externally, motivate its contractors and staff internally, and prepare for the influx of visitors to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. We realized that, as the only international airport in Tokyo, Hanada was able to use all the positive attributes of Tokyo in its own branding: the hospitality of its people, its modern facilities and convenience, its unique culture, its vibrant art and music, and its sense of tradition. The phrase “We are Tokyo” inspired employees to do more, to be more, to do better, to be authentic, original and real. The megaphone-like treatment, supported by proud personal declarations, encouraged a culture traditionally seen as reticent to step up boldly to proclaim that each employee is a brand ambassador for the city they represent. This has been phenomenally successful. The rebranding has had a huge effect on internal motivation and staff pride.

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