Ensuring safety for all at Railway Level Crossings is a major challenge. The VECTOR LX is a red light enforcement system specifically designed to deter drivers from taking chances by running the lights. It therefore reduces the incidence of deaths and serious injuries due to collisions between road vehicles and trains.

The very distinctive and recognisable organic design of the VECTOR LX is the key to alerting drivers to the fact that a camera safety system is present. Drivers approach VECTOR LX from the rear, where the highly visible yellow aspect reinforces the need for caution on the Level Crossing ahead. Yet from the front, the dark grey finish blends into the street or landscape.

VECTOR LX is completely non-intrusive, using sophisticated scanning radar technology to track and locate multiple vehicles, whilst integrated ANPR and video cameras continuously record encrypted evidence, without the need for flash photography. An innovative mechanism enables one operative to lower all active equipment to a safe working height for service access.

VECTOR LX is a sentinel, working to improve safety for us all at Railway Level Crossings.

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