Walking in the house, accompanied with casual mood, will make every space for meditation, emptying, and self-existence. The designer’s repeated configurations make every client has each independent and unique space. The second floor is designed into the neoclassical style which the hostel favors the most. The black-and-white totems are the main colors for the space, and roman columns split into layers in the space. On top of that, the domineering and sharp marbles staggering between each design. There are three main rooms on the third floor. The first one is a 40-ish square footage space especially for host and hostel to rest, read, and bathing. The second room, girl’s room, demonstrates the uniqueness for female youth by brushing pearl and white colors and floral. The last room, boy’s room, presents the shining neutral energy by blue and white hues. The fifth floor is the private space for the host, mainly with his favorite natural woods. The plenty of cypress aroma suffuses in the auditorium, half-outdoor pool, bathing area, etc. This is where makes people linger.

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