This case is right in the middle of an old complex, disorgnized and chaotic. So they were hoping this old and new contrast could be the spotlight in this district when it is completed.
The designer used gigantic vertical inclined wall as the topic object, so when people walk by, they get to feel the light different and shadow. The entrance is on the right side of the building, is made of 2 irregular stone walls. It’s like a tunnel, directing people to inside of the building, totally fascinating.
Inside of this reception center, right side is a orange color wall, hung with tones of photo frames, looks very arty. Ceiling in the hall is all black, suspended with a huge red ornament. The stone-made counter is floating in the air, and on the back of it is irregular gray and orange wall, all making this place like an art gallery. The meeting area on the other side, the idea came from jewelry box. 4 objects down from the ceiling, different shape and length, makes this private area full of imagination.

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