The main concept development of this project is to create a deeper sensual stimulation, aesthetic awareness and cultivate spirituality in addition to satisfying the taste buds through unlimited design techniques to sketch the contours of environment and layout.

Deliberately understated gray exterior appearance of the building is like a stone defense wall of a castle, the arcade on the leading edge and winding corridor implement the romantic composition of Classical gardens of Suzhou, China, and floating island waterscape is arranged between the corridor and the main building, gently showing the metaphor of endless interests under the pen of a poet. The interior space subverts the universal form on the impression of a restaurant, using the clean vocabulary from the East such as the huge golden Buddha hand, Buddha head, elegant floating candles and incense which blending a both quiet and calm atmosphere of the space, from time to time, there is dense fog of water mist drifting in the air, carefully creating a theme of space which hormonally combines delicious hotpot cuisine and magical atmosphere.

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