Ticket; Ticket Machine, on todays market is becoming the most useful product between the other alternatives with the similar functions.
In the increasing number and complexity of the shopping centers in Istanbul, taking parking tickets has never been so effective and visible. With elliptical design lines and functional components, Ticket Machine offers advanced technology to meet tomorrows metropolitan cities needs.
Through its technical and functional structure, Ticket Machine is a user-friendly product for the users and a convenient industrial product for the operators.
The ticket machine consist of 5 functional (RIM composite) parts and 3 access doors;
– The main ticket recycler mechanism, 10” main screen and the user buttons are accessible with upper front door,
– The mainboards, power equipments and main cables are accessible with lower fornt door,
– The ticket box replacement holders are accessible with the left side door.
The ticket machine assamblied with light aluminyum constractions with soft lines and surfaces.

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