Hong Kong is a city that is densely populated and highly renowned as a concrete jungle. When designing an experience center for a residential development that is centered on the notion of joy of nature and living, the designer has envisaged a homeland with blue sky, fresh air, green garden and enchanting birds. The experience center is revolving around a garden. The aluminum honey-comb shaped structure in mid-air is a poetic yet powerful representation of a blue sky. The convex shape little hillocks sit playfully on a white sandstone field with greenery and water remind one of “The sound of music” & “The 3 worlds of Gulliver” – a journey that is full of joy, anticipation and excitement. A theater adjacent in form of a playground with lush vertically green garden and organic form furniture further invite joyful communications and dialogues. Rilke once wrote: ‘These trees are magnificent, but even more magnificent is the sublime and moving space between them, as though with their growth it too increased.’

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