Transforming the impression of most reception centers that are closed and uninteresting
On the facade of the white-box like building
Thousands of iron chains are hoisted
Like yarn,they wrap the object sturdily
The soft and mysterious membrane looks like landscape in the mist
Inviting people to approach and query

Thousands of threads connect the space indoor and outdoor
The hanging fiber optics in the lobby
Dissect the axis of the heaven and earth in geometric lines
With raindrops dripping down
In the still and breathless space
It pours and irrigates
The spacious and unsettled elements of water and light
Pouring into the solemn atmosphere

The reception center reserve the best position of light
For the art installations at the end of the hallway
With black covering the heaven and earth,the red blocks with unevenly cut surfaces are hung in order
Like the fairies dancing in the opening of the black hole
The grayish silver stones and the texture of the wood are cut in corresponding ratio
Like the conveyor belt in the time tunnel
Leading to the infinite history that turns up and down
The red army marches through the time zone
Waiting to launch in the dark abyss

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