On the huge canvas between two connected bridges, a substantial world is created with ink: through a firm held pen and spirited written words that reveal passivity and lightness, stronger in intention rather than force.

In both calligraphy and Taichi, the cross-reflection of black and white, the repetitiveness of the mirror and the concrete, the arrangement of the cutting and the lines, the infrequent flying of the folding in the ceiling, all seemingly simplify the Taichi’s movements. Sometimes performing a rising movement, sometimes a falling one. Warding off, rolling back, pressing, pushing, plucking, splitting, elbow striking, shoulder striking, stepping forward, stepping backward, stepping to the left, stepping to the right and finding equilibrium. These thirteen movements, scattered, brings infinite tension to this space. At an instant move or posture, chi is seen.

Being a space that integrates a hair salon, a restaurant, floral art and a SPA, its complexity in shapes, materials and colors still show the intensity the flow within that is revealed completely through rationality and spirit.

Linked together, the internal strength and external power play thoroughly with the ambiguous relationship of the soft and the hard, the static and the dynamic, the abstract and the concrete, the slow and the fast.

This is a book of Taichi’s about thousands of movements that, though ever changing, always reverts back to the original.

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