The Bicycle Snake

DISSING+WEITLING is the architect behind the new cycle bridge ”The Bicycle Snake” in Copenhagen – a long orange bridge, which sets off at Havneholmen and continues in a meandering course along the shopping mall Fisketorvet to Kalvebod Brygge some 5,5 m higher.

In 2010 DISSING+WEITLING was presented with the task of building a ramp, which should replace a nearby staircase, that presented the around 12.500 daily cyclists with a time-consuming obstacle. Instead of just replacing the staircase with a ramp, the office proposed a plan with a completely new approach to the area. Today, The Bicycle Snake meanders comfortable high above sea surface with a length of 200 meters and 30 meters of ramp. The bridge is made of steel, which helps to give it a light and elegant look. The surface has a bright orange color, which creates a clear visual course for cyclists. With the built-in lighting, the bridge is clearly illuminated at night. Furthermore, it enriches the area as a bright visual element in the night.

In 2013 DISSING+WEITLING was presented with the “Raise the Bar” price from the municipality of Copenhagen and in 2014 the Bicycle Snake won the WAN Transport Award.

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