In the last couple of years, some of the coolest restaurants around have opened up in China – look at the exquisite Temple Restaurant Beijing, a chic French establishment housed in an ancient Chinese temple, or Yongfoo Elite, and eclectic old-Shanghai inspired space in the French Concession. In China, it seems, the sky to designing successful restaurant interior concepts is to blend western and oriental styles and motifs while mixing in a little old with the new.

Design team gave the Taiwan Noodle House a modern and slightly whimsical spin, lining the ceiling with about 2000 chopsticks and 400 porcelain bowls on wall sourced from China’s porcelain capital – Jingdezhen – to “arouse people’s childhood memories of Taiwanese-style beef noodles”.

The dining area consists of a single large, open space, much like a Chinese teahouse, where customers can see each other and socializing is encouraged to create the convivial atmosphere befitting of a noodle house.

“We don’t think that just because it is a Chinese restaurant, it needs to be surrounded by Chinese symbols throughout,” Lee notes. “Instead, we used Chinese symbols like the bowls and the chopsticks to reflect a modern style.

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