The Taekwondo-Won has been established as a global hub for the education, training, and promotion of Taekwondo, a Korean martial art that combines combat techniques with sports. With over 45 million practitioners all around the world, there was a need for a central hub at the originating country.

Inspired by the hierarchy of Taekwondo’s training from white-belt to black-belt, the linear site was divided into three zones: Body, Mind and Spirit. The Body Zone would be home to the Taekwondo Arena which is the main facility of the Taekwondo-Won. The Arena was designed with the motif of Taeguk, a well-known geometry that symbolizes Korea and forms the center of the Korean flag.

Three masses symbolizing human, heaven, and earth intertwine at the arena which is capable of holding up to 5,000 people with a clear line of sight that guarantees maximum visibility of the Taekwondo matches. With flexible arrangements, the arena can host 6 matches simultaneously with separate circulation routes for participants, audience, media, and staff. Curtain wall facades with large openings provide magnificent views of the surrounding nature which is also reflected by the mirror pond.

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