Situated at HSR Wurih Depot in Taichung City, the Logistic Republic offers complete services containing warehousing, R&D office, retailing, etc. The architectural space, called Supply Center, incorporates the business and resort functionalities that the hear-warming sunlight scattering through the glass curtains figuratively presents a cozy place for everyone.

Applied with environmental-protection materials in the large and tall space, the modern indoor space elegantly advocates the Nordic and LOFT styles. The composite cabinets, in wood colors, manifest the idea of pallets ubiquitous seen in efficiency-effectiveness logistic industry.

The decoration styles of seats are diverse and distinguishing, in that the sofas in container appearances are adorned with pallet-style tables. Meanwhile, the high tables and chairs are convenient for group meetings. The public-style group seating conceptually resembles the shipping process. For the time being, the chairs ornamented by iron barrels and cushions are enticing as well.

For good, the layout of design plan filled with contemporary-style metals and sustainable construction materials incisively portrays the vision of logistics.

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