Nicknamed ‘The Terrace,’ the shopping centre prioritizes good gathering space around the central atrium through a series of suspended indoor galleries and balconies. Having observed that urban activity in Beijing often takes place indoors, CLOU attempted to create an urban environment within the mall. “We hope the commercial space will be adopted as a sort of civic centre, for the reason that it offers a wider range of activities,”says Christian Taeubert, Director of CLOU.

Topped with a shed-roofed skylight, the atrium is flooded with indirect natural light that provides outdoor daylighting conditions to the interior gathering spaces. Public furniture at street scale has been distributed around the atrium on multiple levels, allowing comfortable resting spaces for the customers. “Escalators and walkways weave these spaces into a pedestrian network that can lend their support to the developing public domain within Beijing’s Daxing district,” states Jan F. Clostermann, Director of CLOU.

The 20,000 sqm shopping mall is part of a mixed use development composed of a 124 meter tall office tower as well as a 63 meter tall serviced apartment tower.


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