This STUDIO DEGA trade fair stand was originally designed for the presentation of the INFINITYCONSTevo exhibition system at EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf, the sector’s biggest expo. The stand showcased STUDIO DEGA’s improvement on the original INFINITYCONST exhibition system, and the design capabilities it has to offer.

The exhibit shown here is the trade fair construction system itself. It can be used to mimic organic shapes such as waves, clouds or the form of a bird in flight, ensuring that the products and experiences on show leave a lasting impression.

The stand is designed as an island booth. Open, transparent, and accessible from all sides, it also offers private, shielded spaces for meetings. The walls and ceilings merge together to form a single biomorphic unit – an unmistakable shape that can be seen from across the hall and never escapes the notice of exhibition visitors. With its static, cubic shape, the function room offers the perfect contrast to the sweeping curves of the outer shell. The LED backlighting enables the biomorphic structure to change its colouring like a living being, giving it an even more dynamic appearance.

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