Luminous Fields in the Forest of Lights —the Headquarter of StrongLED. The flow of light and the flux of colors in the new office put the production factory and showrooms together and turned into a field of light and space as one continuum. Combining art and technology, the lighting design at the company’s headquarter had successfully transformed a working space into an extension of its own products. At the courtyard, the usages of different lighting aspects of points, lines, planes, and volumes harmonized with each other like a Suzhou garden melody. The Tree of Light sculpture simulated the dappled light under the sun, while the luminous LED display mounted on the transparent elevator chamber created a kaleidoscopic yet informative landscape. The showrooms were created more like a museum that guide the visitors to understand the operation of optics in each stage. It also showcased many optic knowledge. Along with areas such as the Lighting Theatre, the Lighting Lab, they were able to turn the place into a piece of modern art that demonstrates the creativities and varieties from the corporation’s projects throughout the years.

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