Every film composes of thousands of stop motions. This continuation of frames produces the illusion of a moving image, freeing our minds to see what is within and beyond. The designers freeze and extract these ‘motion fragments’, embedding the elements within the cinema perimeter. Upon stepping into the ticket office, the counter and the wall act as if they have a life of their own. The counters were supposed to be a gigantic regular shape. However, they rotate slightly towards various directions and angles, mimicking the life of a creature. This scenario reminds one of the scenes in some science fiction movies, whereas a creature alters and articulates to a certain extent, devising a distinct life form. Just like the role of a movie editor, the undesirable ones are being ruled out while conserving the favorable ones to create a masterpiece. Up in the ceiling, at a precise moment every individual slide owns a different shape. Some of the white ones are light boxes, flying towards various dimensions to form a unified shape. They scattered all over the place, but seemingly as if flying towards the same direction, waiting to combine and configure a new life form.

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