Given Beijing’s PM 2.5 levels, new projects focus on air filtration, and this is also the aim of SOHO’s new development GHL2. The challenge was in presenting such a technical theme in an exciting and abstract way while creating a comfortable environment which embodies positive feeling of health and vitality. The curved façade and two large supporting pillars in the space also made it a challenge to integrate all the requested functions within 250 sqm. The team conceptualized the use of a rainbow theme, integrating the use of twenty panels of tinted glass. The manager’s room and the meeting room are enclosed within colorful glass sheets, and a long wall separating the showroom from the other spaces is covered with black glass which reflects the colorful pods depending on the angle and the lighting. A niche within the black wall hosts the cinema which shows information about SOHO’s developments. We also created an artificial inhabitant with whom the visitors can feel a sense of familiarity- a young professional who enjoys biking to work, jams with his electric guitar, appreciates Feng Shui and knows that relaxation and exercise are the key to a balanced lifestyle.

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