The exterior of the building is inspired by Japanese shrine, it is a reworking of quiet aesthetic in ancient buildings. A huge black iron arches stands on the central entrance to divide in and out, the power inscription of “Shih-Chi” is engraved on the surface, echoing with the towering building body on behind. The façade of the building is equipped with a silent double-pitched roof, the huge Shimenawa under the eaves is the simulate and symbolize God’s enchantment, under the contrast of light, it slowly release a peaceful atmosphere with emptiness and silence. The seats are surrounded by warm and quiet wood tone indoors, transplant the nostalgic feeling of Showa period in Japan. A large number of drum lamps are hanged in the space, a move a static, contrasting the shadows of people coming in and out of the space. Second-floor customer seats expand and continue the parallel axis, both sides of the aisle in the last section are placed with Buddha water feature and stone counters. In addition, the wood grill and discarded lid are arranged one the two sides of customer seats, it is the concrete implementation of “every great thing is nothing but a lot of little ones”.

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