The rail used for filming tracking shots is adopted as the theme of this cinema, illustrated through copper colored metal tubes that stretch throughout the entire cinema.

In the lobby, metal tubes wound and overlapped each other on the ceiling. Some of the tubes reach down and become seats, some enlarge and act as ticketing counters. These straight tubes bend sharply at random places into different angles, abstractly imitate the form of rails. Elongated lights are installed along these tubes, adding varieties to the ceiling feature and illuminate the space.

In the auditorium, the walls are decorated by segments of the metal tubes. The bent segments are modified with lighting at both ends, the designers arranged them to point towards different directions to enhance the lighting effect. The tailor-made carpet has patterns similar to the form of the metal tube decorations, hinting the theme of rails of the design.

The theme can also be found in the washroom of the cinema. Apart from the copper tube ceiling feature, which is the same as that in the lobby, the designers have also designed water taps in the same form. Visitors can enjoy and actually use the elegant decoration.

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