The design conception of Jain Shan Teahouse is based on Zen. The main design idea is “Shan shui, tea and zen” on nature and society aspects. We present the quality of the teahouse and the spatial aesthetic of local culture in five senses. Here, visitors can enjoy the local snacks, unique natural views and flowing water, dipping in the aroma of the tea.
The first floor is the service space. Apart from the serving bar and the selling area of characteristic tea products, there are also view seats area and bar seats area for tea drinkers. Besides, at the second floor, there are four VIP rooms, which are respectively named as Virtue Mountain, Wisdom Water, Tea Enjoyment and Zen Meditation. Among them, “ Zen Meditation” is surrounded by the water and bamboo forest, which is dependent in the north side of the center. Expressing idea of combining nature and culture, this design is accorded “being isolated from the crowd and realizing the zen.”
The whole design is to create a tea culture place for people to get close to the mountain and water, enjoy the tea and ponder zen. This is a place for people to physically rest, mentally relax and spiritually calm.

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