This is a composite office space renovated from a 30-year old house, hidden in the exciting city like a paradise in the madding crowd, mixed with the old and new power.

The main building features a white base while the interior design omits the excessively complex and decoration but restores to the concept of space practicability. We reserve most objects from the old house, including granolithic flooring, stained glass, sliding door, window barrier, and square white porcelain. We intend to keep the charm of old objects in this generation. Materials from the land such as log, minerals, landscape, and sky are injected for embellishment.

White is a color resembling a calming power that can dismantle the urban suspension fully and calm down an unsettled mind, thereby soothes the anxious emotion of people. The so-called nourishing the mind with calmness and nourishing the spirit with comprehension, which comprehends the most natural lifestyle with the initial intent and brings people and nature closest. Only then can people thoroughly return to nature. After all, what we really need is a simple and light lifestyle, a pursuit for quality design.

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