Dear Juries,

My name is Chou Shih Hsiung, a Taiwanese contemporary artist. This project is the first one of my studio in Taipei and also the first space-design work of mine. It’s Sculptor Barber, a place where I work and co-work with a team of barbers.

While planning the space, I kept imaging art exhibitions and fashion presentations happening in it. There’re not many examples of art project spaces integrating commercial services in Taiwan. Thus, I curated the colours, objects and materials based on contemporary art galleries or experimental project spaces like the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. That offers us flexibility to constantly alter our art installations and invite cross-industrial creativity in our space.

The characteristics & identities of barbers enrich this space. Their professionalism and persistence in search of beauty captivate many clients, meaning our unique ambiance combining art and aesthetic could be seen by more people. Demonstrating a new vision for barber shops, Sculptor Barber was reported as “Beauty changes life, the most beautiful men’s hairdressing space in Taiwan.” by Wallpaper* Magazine Asia in 2017.

Thanks for reading my proposal, Yours, Shih

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