The Schréder post top luminaire PILZEO transforms the classic mushroom lantern into a contemporary design. The PILZEO makes an elegant and cost effective solution with cutting-edge led technology. Based on the proven Lensoflex® led engine, the PILZEO ensures photometric performance to provide safety and well-being in the public space. The PILZEO luminaire is adapted to various urban landscapes such as residential areas, parks, squares, bicycle paths and historic urban centers. As a sustainable lighting tool, the PILZEO makes it possible to achieve energy savings that can reach up to 75% compared with traditional luminaires. The materials used are of excellent quality. The base section and body are made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum while the protector and the roof are composed of polycarbonate. The design of the Pilzeo luminaire guarantees an IP 66 tightness level to maintain performance over time.

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