The SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg, Germany, is a creative space where business software company SAP runs design and co-creation projects with customers. We provide an inspiring workshop-like location where SAP can create software solutions for and – above all – with customers in a design-driven process.
Located in a historic red brick building in the Landfried complex, a former tobacco factory from the 1800s, the AppHaus is conveniently located near the center of historic Heidelberg as well as an easy drive from SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf.
We believe the design services we offer at the AppHaus are noteworthy and special because they redefine the way that one of the world’s biggest software companies is interacting with their customers: we move from selling them products and solutions to having a conversation about the problems they need to solve and to providing tailored solutions for these problems.
The AppHaus embodies this change in how we address our customers. Instead of offering an exquisite conference room with leather chairs, we immerse our customers in a rough, unfinished, hands-on workshop space that inspires a “roll up your sleeves” work spirit.

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