Client intended to upgrade cooperation image and segment salon market from competitors. Unlike other salons all customers are in the same space, we design 10 individual rooms and each room only serve 2~3 people.
Each room has different design which provide different salon experience. Not only The design create an atmosphere to make customers feel honorable but also unique and comfortable salon experience.
The hair salon open a new door for hair fashion and create butterfly effect which is like ripple of time-space. Ultimate time and space.

1F Ripple of middle time-space
Walk into the time tunnel, people will be in-between space and expecting a fashion journey. Shuttle between back and front stage. Be a performer and audience. Full of expectation and certain.

B1 Ripple of future
Digital world, here is only extreme thinking such as one and zero, black and white. To the unknown future, such space could inspire unlimited imagination.

2F Ripple of contemporary
Idea from life essential objects: gold, stone, water, earth, light, air.

3F Ripple of the past
Four different space are composed by old street, old rooms, old story and dreams.

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