Mirror is the perfect reflection for our daily life, through the imaging of cut edge, it reflects the profoundness of our surrounding and announce the philosophical essence through raw texture, leap out from the confined origin and visual the wholeness by a grand perception. Understand the meaning of design with aesthetic perspective.Introduced by the “greenness” of the environment, reflect into corner of a small room, watching people comes and goes, imaging shown within the room, sit within and between the corridors, real and unreal reflection lingering between the sky and ground, under reflection, refraction and shine upon, we tend to develop varies perceptions and perspectives, take a small peak at the dimmest light in the small corner and it will allow us to see the entire world.After all, the nature has been our mentor till the end of time, if we apply the modern sketching through natural interpretation,the rich, naked dark gray will define the rich fertility of earth in the best way possible, black and white’s contrast in space, metaphorically shows the time in progress, the plain veneer stood within the world we live in and brings out steadiness with sooth feeling.

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