In rebranding the gallery & office of CoorsTek, which is the world’s engineering ceramics company, three keywords, Pure, Repeat, and Clarity, emerged. These three keywords represent pure ceramics (pure) with a clear molecular structure (clarity) that continues indefinitely (repeat) and that have elements common to their new C. I. dots. Therefore, we thought about having people experience the CoorsTek brand and products physically by pursuing these keywords in the construction of spaces as well as down to the details. Light dots are repeated and reflected in the walls and also on the right and left walls. So the visitors are surrounded by CooTstek’s lights (light dots) indefinitely. Since each light is program-controlled, they react interactively when touched by people to move as images that represent the corporate brand. Furthermore, these images also represent their core technologies. The gallery is devised to display products as artworks, so the visitors understand very technically difficult product easily. By adding the movies of light and the music which expresses core technologies to the artworks, we enabled others to experience products physically with the five senses.

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