The objective was to develop a new identity for the PTU Centre, which, as part of its core services, produces many components for Mercedes-Benz Cars. 
As you enter the foyer of the conference rooms, an extravagant image reveals itself: the dominant colour black is broken with striking white horizontal lines. This grid is the connecting element which runs through all the other rooms and floors. 
A well-structured linear lighting concept extends below the ceiling through a wide connecting passage into a large conference and presentation room. The defining design elements in this room are 15 square dimmable light panels on the ceiling that give the room an even more unique appearance. An intensive spatial communication experience is created through different media surfaces and the exhibit showcase. Cabinets were built into the slanted brand wall, allowing direct and exclusive access to the pioneering product highlights of PTU. Throughout the entire centre area a complex brand space was created that combines the exhibits and the room design itself with the diversity, individuality and vibrancy of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

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