The goal with PlayForm 7 was to blur the line between play and art, to create a play piece with appeal across generations, while maintaining an aesthetically enticing design. The goal was simple: play for all, any age, any ability.

We wanted to appeal to people’s sense of wonder and prompt the question, “What is that?” The result is a playful sculpture that piques curiosity and inspires investigation with an attitude of ‘use it as you will’. Those exploring PlayForm 7 can sit, stand, climb, hide, balance, or lay within its collection of deconstructed spaces.

Inspired by Alexander Calder, modern slack lines and a rolling landscape, PlayForm 7 is unlike traditional playground equipment. It has no posts and platforms, no play events with predetermined functions, and no roofs and walls.

PlayForm 7 is designed with an intentional hierarchy of material and form – strong straight steel pipes, swaying rubber flex treads, translucent colored panels, and a touch of rope that offers an extra handhold when needed. Each material is respected and deliberately detailed for easy assemble and maintenance.

PlayForm 7 is open and inviting, a democratic sculpture for the 21st Century. An entire community can gather, play, discover, socialize and enjoy being together. Because that is what is most important about a play space, it’s the last frontier where everyone can be together, face-to-face in the present moment.

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