The Upcycling shop concept and the brand were developed for a socio-economic company in 2014. All the raw materials for the furnishing derive from pieces of old furniture. The parts are assembled in a new arrangement and form a modular system. White is the dominant color of the shop interior, highlighted by golden details. The reduced color range of the displays provides a neutral stage for the products. The modular furnishing has two purposes, on the one hand the presentation of products and on the other hand storage space. The modules are flexible and expandable, because of the rapidly changing range. In addition the application of the modules are also variable, depending on the requirements of the goods. A golden trash can symbolizes the concept behind the shop design and is an eye catcher which attracts customers and leads them into the shop. An upcycling highlight is the counter. Its front side is assembled by single keys of old computer keyboards. Some keys are lacquered golden to take up the overarching design element.

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