The interior design for perfect day creates a welcoming atmosphere, filled with light.The pleasing effect is based on the balanced interaction of organic shapes with contrasting colors and materials as well as mood lighting scenarios that vary depending on the time of day. The curving contours of the custom-made furniture create a flowing space continuum, that leads from the sales and serving area in the front to the lounge with airside panorama in the back. perfect day offers a stimulating yet relaxing environment, where guests and their well-being are the main focus.

The color scheme draws from the natural tones that can be found in the rain forest mountains of southern India. There, a high quality coffee is cultured exclusively for ‘perfect day’, on a sustainable farm. The fresh white of the coffee flower, the purple of ripe coffee beans and the lush green of the foliage – the colors of the furnishings correspond with the nature photographs of the perfect day visuals. High quality and durable materials such as solid walnut wood and white mineral material finishings illustrate the quality of this coffee shop concept.

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