PARKINGRASS® is a fresh and innovative object that proves bicycle stands do not have to be boring! PARKINGRASS’ core function is to park bikes and offers the possibility to easily secure them with an extra chain lock to the steel blades of grass. No more risk of riding a bicycle with a front wheel that wobbles up and down after parking it in an ordinary bicycle stand. When no bikes are parked in the multifunctional grass, people can take a seat on a leaf, which functions as a pleasant bench. The seats are manufactured in different heights, low seats for children and higher comfortable seats for elderly people. And whether or not the sustainable green grass is in use, it will always be a funky object in the public domain! It is pure functional art! Especially during the night when adding optional LED-lighting in the stem tops, the grass is a true spectacle. PARKINGRASS® is produced in two models to offer infinite diversity. Vary with an embracing pair of grass blades and the other model with a couple of stems including a leaf seat. Let’s sow this grass and make our world a little greener!

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