Project Premise: To create a learning environment that encourages self-motivation and stimulates open-discussion conducted through various brain-storming sessions of different study groups in spaces with varying ambiances and functionalities, thus cultivating diverse inspiration.

Site Condition: A somber hallway wrapped around the atrium, monotonous and uninspiring classrooms, bleak white lights, mundane learning atmosphere, a forgotten light well in a corner, and bland concrete walls disconnect any interaction.

Design Concept: Open-Link

“Open” the disconnecting concrete wall to revive the forgotten light well as focal point of the space and “link” the two different study workshops, Gallery and Discussion corner, with cascading natural light.

“Open” the oppressive concrete walls between the monotonous classrooms and “link” the once separated spaces to create an L-shaped grand Gallery with views of greenery outside the windows.

“Open” the Entrance Area with glass door and wall and “link” the Gallery and Art Salon with their unique wall textures. Thus “linking” the entire floor into once complete study workshop.

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