Fabric is a planar material. It is mainly used as flexible layer for objects that touch the human body, such as clothes and bedding. We aim to change this material from planar figure to a solid figure in order to interpret the two-dimensional characteristics of fabric in a three-dimensional perspective. This is accomplished not by the general methods of using cloth, such as cutting, folding, and sewing, but by the act of building and laminating thin sides of fabric. The indoor space of On ne sait jamais, a dessert café, consists of the lower part with heavy felt furniture and upper space with a floating, dangling fabric. The steel structure in the upper part can be moved horizontally through the rail that is unified with the lighting device, enabling free layout according to users’ demands or events hosted by the café. No one knows how visitors may interpret this familiar but strange space, which was made by using methods that are clearly different from the physical characteristics of the material.

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