In today’s corporate and public spaces there is a need to avoid any fixation to the building infrastructure.
The design goal of the OBLX was both to create a flexible freestanding LCD video wall solution and a platform that supports future technologies with user-driven add-ons like touch, cameras and product colour – a solution that can be placed anywhere.
Maximum stability without compromising user-interaction, sleek appearance and cost-efficiency were the key design drivers. A high level integration of components and the complete lack of visible connections generate ‘one’ monolithic distinct appearance while still offering lots of different arrangements.
The architecture supports landscape 2×2 or portrait 3×1 configurations that can be expanded with no horizontal limit by modularity. Its column can house 19-inch-based equipment to meet different user needs. The centralized on/off button reflects the system’s ease of use and delivers Energy Star Compliance.
Seamless integration of design and engineering resulted in a product with ingenious solutions like the trim which protects the narrow bezel LCD, reduces the perception of screen gap and adds stiffness to the system.

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