The O2 Live Concept Store presents the O2 brand’s innovative power in one of Berlin’s premium retail locations. The aim is to put the customer at the center, translating the company’s cross channel-strategy into space. A vivid shop concept puts the focus clearly on experience, relevant services and mobile consultancy, which sets O2 Live apart from the telecommunication retail landscape.

The leitmotif is Stage of Possibilities: Four scenarios – Inspire, Explore, Connected Home and Join – connect products, people and ideas. In these retail environments, customers experience new technologies in true-to-life settings. Product stagings, devices and brand assets are organically embedded and can be tested, hands-on.

A continuous spatial installation, stretching throughout the entire store, creates a formal frame for the four scenarios. Additionally, a digital dramaturgy guides customers, individually, to desired touch- points. Each touch-point is dialogue oriented and supports mobile consultancy. Technological innovation, natural materials and handcrafted furnishing make the interior design unique. Illustrations as well as wood create a warm atmosphere.

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