This modular system of mobility elements is designed for configuration of stations in different functional extent and size. Depending on the location the modules are freely configurable for electric cars, rental bikes, waiting areas, kiosk, etc. The linking of classical transport modes, e.g. rail and public transport, taxi and park & ride areas aims to promote intermodal transport solutions and extend mobility options for environment- friendly alternatives; CO² emissions can be reduced sustainably. It makes the use of different means of transport more attractive and easier. The system’s efficiency increases as the network of single stations grows. The design of the stations with its wide basic components features a distinctive, yet unobtrusive character. Combining generous communication areas especially with small-sized stations ensure high recognition factor. The use of wooden lamellae elements emphasize environment-friendly character of the facility. The concept design may be conveyed to further mobility options, e.g. bus shelters.

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