With its first stationary store, Mister Spex combines the best of both worlds – online and offline. In devising a strategy, dan pearlman was tasked with creating a brand experience that strengthens the brand and raises its online appeal with new offline target audiences. Coming up with solutions for how to transfer online processes offline to fixed-location retail was the consistent focus of the creative developmental process. The result: A transparent space featuring distinct educative and inspiring structures welcomes customers. Oak combined with matt white, grey and accents in green, create a space that produces a modern yet cosy atmosphere. The brand logo is integrated into the spatial concept and shows up again on the back wall. Its curved shape and indirect lighting give it the look of a curtain that is opening up the shop. The product range is clearly arranged according to types of glasses, each one fitting a specific facial type. The spatial communication strategy with highlight presentations and easy-to-read information boards creates the link to the online offerings preparing customers properly to pass the process of buying glasses online as well as offline.

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