The design for MINZE-STYLE Select Shop was inspired by the recollections of the park previously existed on the site. Commercial space is always close to urban life. While achieving its essential functions, MINZE-STYLE is also recording the continuation and changing of the urban environment.
The MINZE-STYLE clothing brand Select Shop is located next to the Central Park, The interior space is supposed to present the charm of the primitive and wild nature, and steel cladding is used to bring out a sense of reality.In the meantime, the flexible nature of “arch” is fully made advantage of to create different spaces so as to avoid similar experiences. The arches are connected with the first and second floors which create interesting spaces and can arouse the customers’ curiosity.
In our design, different arches vertically overlap each other, aiming to create different spaces and experiences in the vertical space. And this special way of expression provides people with a strong visual effect. Meanwhile, modular design is adopted to meet the retail demand so that various brand functions are provided with the maximum flexibility.

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