Trendsetting shopping experience and outstanding quality of stay: The “Minto” mall in Mönchengladbach. The perfect synthesis of all sensual and awe effects in the interior design are the five multi-sensory “Highlight Facades” which stretch over several floors. The characteristic spatial and atmospheric elements lure through material and shape an interaction and are eye-catching attraction for the adjacent shops. For each Facade an individual topic was defined which takes the visitor through different moods by a synesthetic combination of materials, sound and scent design. The metal sequins of the “Glamour Walk” sparkle just by passing by. They are accompanied by an eroticizing fragrance and the symphony of glass sound, symbolizing the modern, fashion-conscious lifestyle. The “Green Point” with wall vegetation of real plants embodies energy and spirituality exuding spicy-fresh flavour and playing nature sounds. The “Fluid Flow” with eruptive sounds and organic forms like a lava lamp has a soothing and energetic effect. “Noble Sensation” with its fine leather convinces by its peace and elegance. “Frame Yourself” awakes the desire for discovery by its alternating pictures.

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