In 2014, Schwarz Gruppe Design changed locations due to a client and team expansion. This move allowed the opportunity for a total restyle in both the corporate design and spatial design. The design concept was geared towards developing a creative atmosphere and a unique studio. The identity of the agency is reflected in the use of large typography on the walls, as a three-dimensional experience of the key visual. Throughout the design process special attention was payed to the choice of materials and surfaces which break usual boundaries through the combination of glass and natural wood as well as chalk walls and chrome surfaces.
The entire office is characterized by the functional aspects of the premises. There are three different rooms for client meetings: The café, the lounge and a large presentation room. The walls in all rooms are painted with magnetic paint so that designs and drafts can be hung on the walls and discussed anywhere. In addition to the function of the rooms, the light and sound concept plays an essential role. Acoustically, the sense of space is enhanced by the specially developed “brand music”, which sonorously supports the look and feel of each room.

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