Urban, modern, masculine – “Warehouse”. Mercedes-Benz introduces its international sales force to the new VITO. As part of the Global Training Experience employees were invited to a factory hall in Amsterdam. Here ‘warehouse’ serves as the primary creative idea behind the communication strategy. It is the connecting link between the launch campaign idea for the new VITO and the look and feel of the event location. It is the DNA and emotional frame of the Global Training Experience. Warehouse motifs reappear in both the architecture and in the visual communication. The shift in materials represents the variety of realms in which the VITO operates. The presentation of the new VITO formed the centrepiece of the event, which powerfully showcased four of its product attributes. Participants found themselves in a product and brand landscape, making possible a very special kind of Mercedes-Benz product training. Market launch communication and Global Training Experience were thus combined into an unforgettable and emotional experience.

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