Marks of Vernacular Achitecture “Where can I get a big broad shelter under where all the world’s poor people can share with smiling faces?” The design is inspired from house building activity with traditional Chinese civil work in combination with carpentry, giving full play to the craftsman, architecture and space themselves. The visual effect created actually is what is left for the space in this building activity. The dripping watermark is left. Therefore, we put it in this way: the dripping watermark effect leaves behind nothing but memory of ingenious building of native Chinese artistic work. Throughout the spatial creation, we have tried to bypass the impression of design technique tactically and earnestly, and subtly cover up the presence of the artist’s “artificial work” to reveal genuine state and purity of the space. The dripping watermark is left, with “dripping” as the process for this building activity and “watermarks” the visual effect finally presented. Therefore, we name it dripping watermark effect.

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