A Peaceful Animal Paradise, Lost Valley –

Lost Valley, a new Safari attraction of Everland, is designed to dedicate unforgettable moments by experiencing the ‘real habitat of wild animals’, presented with rock works, artificial waterfalls and swamps. Introducing amphibious car in attraction is a remarkable merit you can find only in Everland. Unlike other Safari attractions lean towards presenting predatory animals, the Everland focuses on presenting the real Safari by presenting massive herbivore animals. A story of peaceful animal’s paradise ‘Lost Valley’, and explorer who seek for Lost Valley in story of Tau the lion, gives great lecture to guests how important animals and nature are to them. The most attractive part which Rhinoceroses and Cheetahs share one territory together exactly delivers real life of Africa. Reinterpretation of African architecture and artistic traditional pattern of Lost Valley stands as a successful attraction as is. Five different zones, each different conditions that qualifies for over thirty different types of animals, is already enough for guests to thrill about taking a journey to Lost Valley. The real peaceful animal land, we call it ‘Lost Valley’

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