At the corners of the city, dangling cables criss-cross outside the first-floor window, just like hairs flying about. This is one of the characteristic sights of Taipei City and has provided the starting point for the design of this project. This is the new branch of a hair salon chain and it is also an extension of their brand or line. We try to establish a connection and continuation between the lines of cables outside the window and the lines of the interior space. It should appear as if the lines from within can be extended infinitely towards the exterior. This aims at producing the effect of an endless chain-like symbol. In the reception and waiting area, the bunch of red cables on the ceiling are the centre of these lines. They concentrate a force prepared to radiate and extend their energy outwards. They reflect on the glass partitions of the four customer boxes in a horizontal layered pattern of thin hairlike lines. In this way, they produce a clear delimitation of public and private space. Colours such as magenta, bright red, purple red and pink delimit the atmosphere of the individual customer boxes. And the lamps hanging on cables from the ceiling seem to correspond t

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