Not only as a place for buying & selling, Lenovo considers Flagship Store as a destination to its customers where learning and sharing happens, a platform to test products, and a place where service is provided to bring value to its customer.
Design intends to bring A JOURNEY of SENSES. The color, material, lighting, Dolby sound surroundings provide warm and friendly feeling with the Smell and Taste of Le-Coffee served in store to customers.
Interactive installation captured customer’s movements with random welcome message appear to accompany the captured image, and an easy step of scanning QR code, customer can share their image and message of the store on their chosen social network. Hence, turning the traditional brick-and-mortar store to a 24-HOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE.
The Solution Center provide value added services, besides One-on-One Tutorial, Customization Center is available if you want to put a personal touch to the device; the Le-Post service, free delivery, allowed the customer to travel light and still enjoy the product when they arrive home; the Free Charging Area and WIFI service provide convenience to the customer.

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