Looks like a different space, but can be closely connected, as if separated, but there is an inseparable belief.
With the garden as the design center, the glass greenhouse in the garden is the dividing line in the space. The lattice glass windows at the entrance extend to the ceiling. The daytime, evening and night colors infiltrate the interior and make the greenhouses in the urban alley to be added Interactive view with the outside world; the office also out of line with a glass frame, let the noisy public space add a quiet space for thinking.
The climbing plant shelves into the bar stand in the space inside and outside the separation; the cement area separated from the outside, creating a stagnant point in space, but also separated in this different customer base.
The overall space of the primary colors with a large number of hanging green plants, the middle into a large cabinet wall divided into two spaces such as boulders, the use of wall space designed couch area, sitting here to relax and look at each other, reflecting the comfort the natural atmosphere.
Here gathered people from different places, in accordance with the preferences of free shuttle in space, and

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